You don’t always have time for sales calls with wound care product reps.

What if there were an app that put you in control, helping you get the information you need in ways that work for you?

You’re in control

vTail puts you in control of the conversation

Automatically match with your local reps based on your clinical specialty, product interests, type of site of care where you work and your zip code.  You connect with the companies you want to communicate with - and don't hear from any others.

Have conversations your way

Talk to your rep over video, audio, or chat

Have a question about a medical product? vTail gives you access to accurate, quick information from expert reps who can help get you what you need.

Top Class Features

A secure location for all of your conversations and files

There are times when it’s useful to be able to share photos and files with reps so you can get the most accurate support. The vTail app allows you to move away from iMessage, email, and other channels and into a single secure, professional environment.

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“vTail is the new one stop shop for all of my wound care needs. It has everything from industry news, chat with reps on my time, real time education, and knowing who I can reach out to. It is a must have for any wound care clinician!”

Elizabeth Faust, MSN, CRNP, CWS, CWOCN-AP, DAPWCA, Vice President, Board of Directors APWCA

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“vTail is going to make a significant impact for clinicians everywhere”

Dr Desmond Bell. DPM, CWS, President & Founder, “The Save a Leg, Save a Life Foundation