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vTail's product database allows you to easily and quickly find products you are searching for, along with all their associated supporting information.

Information at your fingertips

Get instant information on thousands of products

Need to find some product-specific information quickly and easily?  vTail's advanced database contains virtually all of the products from all of the key companies in your speciality.

Find what you’re looking for

With advanced filtering, you can zero in on precisely what you need

Looking to see which companies make a very specific type of product, or which products are covered under a specific GPO contract? vTail provides an increasingly robust set of data on the products you care about.

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“If you treat a lot of wounds, like I do. You probably use a variety of different products. There are over a thousand products on the market. I have trouble keeping track of the companies and reps. vTail keeps track of all of that for me. It saves you time, so you can do what you do best: take care of patients.

Lee Rogers MD, President, American Board of Podiatric Medicine

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"Given the many market dynamics facing healthcare globally, adoption of a platform acting as a modern digital hub for communications is inevitable.”

Dr Douglas Queen, Co-editor, International Wound Journal

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