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Quick connections, quick solutions, quick options and quick informatics. The vTail app has elegantly provided me with all of these. I’ve also learned quite a bit about new dental manufacturers and service providers that I may not have had the opportunity to explore…and I can do it on my terms and my time table. In my practice, we refer to the vTail app as the "easy button”. I’m proud to be a part of this game changer.

Dr. Sheri Doniger

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As a private practitioner it is so important to use technology that benefits me and my practice. The vTail app is logical, easy to use and very intuitive. Every member of my staff is glued to their mobile phones - so it is wonderful to get speedy communications from sales reps and important product information when I need it and when I want it. I believe vTail is the MUST HAVE for all dental practices in 2022.

Dr. Paul Goodman