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vTail gives clinicians super simple access to product support, peer collaboration and education. Anytime, anywhere, and on their terms.

For companies, vTail represents a powerful new way to engage with their customers.


vTail is...

the home of vGroups

vGroups is a new phenomenon in the US wound care market. It's allowing clinicians across the US to collaborate together outside of consumer social media channels.

Many leading KOLs have their own vGroups where hundreds of experts are learning from shared experience in topics including challenging wounds, reimbursement and social determinants of health.

Now, product companies are setting up successful vGroups where existing and potential customers can discuss the use of their lead products with product experts.

Featured vGroups

Coding & Compliance

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Diabetic Foot Ulcers

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Mirragen: Bioresorbable Glass Fiber
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Kylon® Fabric from Bx to Debridement
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International Wound Journal: Journal Club
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Leneva/A first of its kind AAM
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Nutrition and its role in Wound Care
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Pressure Injury Management

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Reimbursement Fact vs Fiction
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Perilav: NextGen Wound Hygiene
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UriCap- Incontinence Care & Management
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Atypical Ulcers - Wound Management
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Vascular Related Wounds & Lymphedema
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vTail is...

instant product answers

With details on thousands of products, vTail is designed to be a consolidated portal for IFUs, product specifications, reimbursement info, educational information and instructional videos.

vTail is...

instant access to CE/CME

Our users told us there's so much great educational content out there - but it's dispersed across the internet. So choosing the best possible course can be a hassle.

Now included in the app, vTail is a consolidated, searchable database of CE/CME offerings. Across the wound care, orthopedics and dental fields, search by credits, location, cost, provider, in-person or virtual - and so much more.

vTail is...

instant connections

vTail's superpower is auto-connection. Whereas typical communications platforms require users to build their network over time, clinicians registered on vTail see a digital rolodex of their assigned reps from all participating companies.

We do this by matching the clinician's data (areas of specialization, location, role and site of care) with company employee data (product areas and geographical territory).

Select your clinical area

Our plan is to serve the whole of the healthcare market. But right now we're concentrating our efforts on specific clinical areas as we build out the platform. Be sure to let us know if you'd like us to prioritize a clinical area that matters to you.

vTail is...

distraction-free discovery

vTail NewsFeed serves up a mix of industry news and recently published studies, curated to match your specialty and specific areas of interest. We're designing it to be the simplest possible way for clinicians to keep abreast of innovations in their areas of practice.

vTail is...

instant communication

Clinicians can reach out for immediate information or advice using in-built HIPAA-enabled video calls, audio, chat and file-sharing.

Featured Wound Care Associations & Publications

For Sales and Marketing teams, vTail lets you engage with customers in ways that work for them.


Don't take our word for it

“The future”

“I think this is the current and future of branding and physician communication.”

Dr. Anand Murthi MD.

Chief, Shoulder and Elbow Surgery; MedStar Union Memorial Hospital, Baltimore USA.

"A key way to increase engagement"

“Since joining vTail, the number of clinicians interacting with us has grown to the point where we needed to add additional representatives of our company onto the app. We see vTail as a key way to increase engagement with current and potential customers.”

Craig Kennedy, CEO.

Inotec AMD


Given the many market dynamics facing healthcare globally, adoption of a platform acting as a modern digital hub for communications is inevitable.

Dr Douglas Queen
Editor, International Wound Journal

“vTail clarifies and simplifies”

vTail clarifies and simplifies a key aspect of communication between the doctor and an essential team member, the industry representative.

Anthony L. D'Ambrosio, MD
Neurosurgeon, President and CEO at
Neurosurgeons of New Jersey

"Borderles Connectivity"

As a Canadian based company selling into the US, the vTail app provides a voice for MIMOSA Diagnostics to engage and inform US clinicians. This virtual direct-to-clinician communication is the way of the future for both stakeholders.

Dr Karen Cross, MD, PhD

CEO Mimosa Diagnostics

“A must have for any wound care clinician!”

vTail is the new one stop shop for all of my wound care needs. It has everything from chatting with with reps to real time education and product info.

Elizabeth Faust
Vice President, Board of Directors APWCA

“a significant impact”

I really think that vTail is going to make a significant mark and impact for practicing clinicians everywhere.

Dr Desmond Bell.
DPM, CWS, President & Founder
“The Save a Leg, Save a Life" Foundation


Wounds Canada has many educational programs that we share with colleagues around the world. Tail will help drive awareness of our resources with a US audience both in wound care and podiatry.

Dr Mariam Botros

D.Ch, CDE, MSc, IIWCC. CEO, Wounds Canada

“vTail saves time”

vTail allows my dentists to quickly find and obtain information from our company representatives - so the clinicians can get back to their jobs without wasted time.

Trey Tepichin, JD, MBA.
CEO, Cloud Dentistry, Inc.

“Easy to use”

The vTail app is logical, easy to use and very intuitive. It's wonderful to get speedy communications from sales reps and important product information when I want it.

Dr. Paul Goodman
CEO, Dental Nachos


When two young dynamic organizations collaborate to help each other, it's potentially cool. When those organizations collaborate to help eradicate preventable amputations, its magic!

Dr David Armstrong, DPM, MD, PhD

President American Limb Preservation Society

“Reps on a human level”

This is a seminal opportunity for companies to continue to have their reps on a human level"

Matt Regulski
Medical Director at Wound Care Institute
Ocean County NJ

“A unique way to connect ”

The vTail app provides us with a unique way to connect with healthcare professionals and help us meet the needs of our customers.

Cory West
VP of Marketing & Strategy at Reapplix


Evidence is an important part of the development of wound care as a clinical specialty. Providing information to an interested, vested clinical audience at the point of care will speed up this process of specialization. That's what vTail can bring to the table in this journey.

Prof Keith Harding

Editor-in-Chief. International Wound Journal

"I'm grateful for this technology”

"I'm grateful for this technology and having the ability to instantly connect with all of you!"

Traci Kimball, MD

Board Certified wound management specialist physician.

“vTail will transform access”

I believe vTail addresses a problem that has existed for decades. The platform will significantly transform and improve access to dentists for suppliers and vice versa.

Dr Mark Hughes.
Cosmetic Dentist, Harley Street Dentist, Founder


"I'm so excited about this!! I'm an RN, CWS and still learning. Every. Single. Day! But my resources are so limited for the things I don't know to where most times it's trial and error until I find a treatment regimen that works."

vTail user feedback

“Positive communication”

vTail is increasing positive communication with my manufacturer and distribution reps and also between my staff.

Dr. Wayne Aldredge
Past President
American Academy of Periodontology

“Long-overdue technology”

I see a huge need for this type of technology and commend the vTail team for being ahead of the curve and bringing this long-overdue technology to the market.

Dr. Sharat K. Kusuma, MD, FAAOS.
Chief Medical Officer and Senior Vice President
Business Development, Exactech, Inc.


vTail allows us to interact with industry reps in a way that is convenient to them and us.

Karen Bauer
Director of Wound and Vascular Services.
University of Toledo.

“vTail saves you time”

I have trouble keeping track of the companies and reps. vTail keeps track of all of that for me. It saves you time, so you can do what you do best: take care of patients.

Lee Rogers MD
President, American Board of Podiatric Medicine

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