You're in control

Connect with your local company reps, on your terms

Need to speak with a company's clinical, sales or reimbursement specialist - or maybe someone regarding clinical research? No problem.  

vTail auto-matches you with your local reps from companies within your clinical specialty, so you don't need to bounce around call centers any longer. And most importantly, you’re in control: you pick which reps you want to hear from.

Easy and quick access to information

The ultimate product reference tool

With the ability to search for all the main products from all the key companies in your clinical specialty, vTail is your one-stop tool for IFUs, product specifications, reimbursement info, educational information and instructional videos.

We’re simplifying your product life

Puts you in control

No unwanted inbound calls or emails. You’ll only hear from the companies you choose to connect with.

Free for clinicians

vTail is free for clinicians. Our revenue comes from medical product companies that want to educate and support you in the use of their products.

3-minute setup

Tell us your area of expertise and location to get a curated experience, unique to you.


vTail is HIPPA-enabled, so that you can share medical documents securely as opposed to using channels like email, iMessage or WhatsApp.

Testimonial Image

vTail clarifies and simplifies a key aspect of communication between the doctor and an essential team member, the industry representative. In instances of emergent cases it would provide a much needed “belt and suspenders” asset to protect from injury due to miscommunication. I’ll want all my product companies on it to ensure this.

Anthony D'Ambrosio MD, MBA

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Quick connections, quick solutions, quick options and quick informatics. The vTail app has elegantly provided me with all of these. I can now devote better time to my staff and patients because my distractions with respect to product offerings and orders are lessened. I’ve also learned quite a bit about new dental manufacturers and service providers that I may not have had the opportunity to explore…and I can do it on my terms and my time table. In my practice, we refer to the vTail app as the "EASY BUTTON”. I’m proud to be a part of this game changer.

Dr. Sheri Doniger

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