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Wound Care.

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Busy wound care clinicians don't always have time to meet with product reps or search through a multitude of company websites, portals and apps for product support.

Enter vTail, a free mobile app that connects clinical teams with the people and information they need from products companies - in the moments they need it.




Product companies and clinicians have always relied on each other.

But the world's changed. And along with this, the way clinical teams engage with companies will naturally modernize.

At vTail we're committed to the idea of building a platform that will bring clinicians and their vendors closer together. A world in which information is shared freely and efficiently - for the benefit of everyone involved.

vTail launched in the US wound care market in 2021. We're already building a following of first-mover clinicians, companies and industry collaborators.

In 2022 we're bringing in companies and clinicians from adjacent markets including ostomy, podiatry and lymphedema.

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With details on thousands of products, vTail is designed to be a consolidated portal for IFUs, product specifications, reimbursement info, educational information and instructional videos.

We can also add a facility’s or organization’s unique formulary to the app, so clinicians can see what’s available to them specifically.

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