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vTail is redefining how clinicians connect with their vendors for product information, education and support.

It's a free mobile app that will give them immediate access to the product information they need, when they need it.



Business Cards

Field sales teams change regularly, so clinicians often don’t know their local reps & have their contact details. With vTail, clinicians can access an always-up-to-date list of locally-assigned company contacts, meaning expertise is only a tap away.



Formulary Compliance

Whether you're a DSO, a Home Health Agency or any other healthcare service provider, developing and policing formularies can be a challenge.

vTail's new Formulary Filters allow you to keep your staff on track with your formulary, and to give them in-the-moment support from their assigned company reps.

You simply provide us with your formulary. We'll add it to our system and map it to the vTail Product Database. Your formulary will only be visible to your clinicians.


vTail is...

Ready for you

Get in touch today to learn how to roll out vTail across your teams.


Hello Support

Anytime, Anywhere

vTail makes perfect sense to field-based teams. They can reach out to their rep no matter where they are. Secure texts, audio or video support. It’s their call.

Unlike WhatsApp and other consumer communications platforms, vTail's HIPAA-enabled platform allows clinicians to share PHI (requires a signed BAA).


Hello Answers

In the moment

With details on thousands of products, vTail is designed to be a consolidated portal for IFUs, product specifications, reimbursement info, educational information and instructional videos.


Hello Discovery

Without Distraction

Knowledge is power. But clinical and admin staff can struggle to get access to the latest information about the latest innovations, industry news & research. vTail’s comprehensive NewsFeed serves up the most important news, without the distracting social media content.

Designed to give your clinicians more support in less time.


Help your clinicians

communicate on their terms

On vTail, it's your clinicians that choose when and how to connect with companies. They won't receive direct contact from organizations they've not chosen to connect with.

For office-based teams, scheduling and attending rep meetings can be inconvenient. With vTail, busy clinicians receive on demand support via the app. In the moment they need it.

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vTail is free

to service providers

Our revenue comes from medical product companies that want to educate and support your clinicians in the use of their products.

Select your clinical area

Our plan is to serve the whole of the healthcare market. But right now we're concentrating our efforts on specific clinical areas as we build out the platform. Be sure to let us know if you'd like us to prioritize a clinical area that matters to you.

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Whether you're interested in registering as a clinician, or are an organization interested in a demo or to have your products featured in our product database, please feel free to get in touch.

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