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The world has changed. Clinicians have less time than ever, and your existing channels are overloaded with more digital content than they can reasonably be expected to engage with.

You need a tool that delivers your messages in a different way.

Enter vTail, a modern networking and communications platform that cuts through the noise to target the right clinicians at the best times, and in a way that works for them.


vTail is

the home of vGroups

vGroups is a new phenomenon in the US wound care market. It's allowing clinicians across the US to collaborate together outside of consumer social media channels.

Product companies are setting up successful vGroups where existing and potential customers can discuss the use of their lead products with product experts.

vGroups offers a unique marketing opportunity to showcase your products and services in an intimate setting. vTail's user base offers an instant and focused audience relevant to your area of healthcare.

Featured Company vGroups

Mirragen: Bioresorbable Glass Fiber
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Kylon® Fabric from Bx to Debridement
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International Wound Journal: Journal Club
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Leneva/A first of its kind AAM
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Perilav: NextGen Wound Hygiene
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UriCap- Incontinence Care & Management
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A 360 degree

engagement platform

On vTail, companies can choose who - and who doesn’t - see specific information. This uniquely allows for varied messages by role, location, or facility type.  


Designed to

cut through the noise

In-app notifications allow companies to inform existing and potential customers of product news & research in a way that cuts through the noise of the internet & email, and enables immediate engagement. If a clinician sees something they want to discuss, they can initiate a call with their assigned rep right there and then.

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vTail for Clinicians

vTail for Companies

vTail for Dental Teams


Your digital assets

put to work

vTail is a consolidated place for clinicians to access your IFUs, application guides, videos, CE courses, technology presentations, blogs, podcasts, webinars.

Subscriber companies are sharing their libraries of information so their clinicians have the info they need - in the moment it's needed.


Your brand halos


vTail subscriber companies are demonstrating a confident, forward-thinking attitude with a commitment to deliver on their clinicians’ needs for simple and efficient access to support.

Select your clinical area

Our plan is to serve the whole of the healthcare market. But right now we're concentrating our efforts on specific clinical areas as we build out the platform. Be sure to let us know if you'd like us to prioritize a clinical area that matters to you.

Tiers for Subscriber Companies

We're on track to have the majority of product companies in each clinical area join the vTail platform. We're offering attractive discounts to early-adopter companies that are moving quickly to build a valuable following on the vTail platform.


Tier 1
  • up to 20 employees
  • Unlimited chat
  • Unlimited inbound audio calls
  • Unlimited inbound video calls
  • Unlimited File Sharing
  • 1 free NewsFeed post per week


Tier 2
  • up to 80 employees
  • Unlimited chat
  • Unlimited inbound audio calls
  • Unlimited inbound video calls
  • Unlimited File Sharing
  • 2 free NewsFeed posts per week
  • Priority placement of products within Categories 
  • Featured positioning on new HomeScreen
    1 in-app notification per quarter


Tier 3
  • up to 200 employees
  • Unlimited chat
  • Unlimited inbound audio calls
  • Unlimited inbound video calls
  • Unlimited File Sharing
  • 4 free NewsFeed post per week
  • Top priority placement of products within Categories
  • Top level positioning on new HomeScreen
  • 3 in-app notifications per quarter
  • Targeted and customized outreach capability*

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