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vTail was founded in the spring of 2020 by a transatlantic team with a new vision for the interface between medical products companies and the clinical community.

The vTail app was initially launched in the US Wound Care market in 2021, and in the US Dental market in 2022. These launches helped the team further develop and hone its technology and capabilities.

The SoloComm division was launched in June 2023. Its mission is to allow the company to rapidly expand the use of its core technology across healthcare and beyond - via a series of strategic partnerships.

Built by industry experts

Co-Founder & CEO - Princeton, USA
Barry Wolfenson

After starting his career at Andersen Consulting (Accenture), Barry helped to build Derma Sciences from a $7M gauze and bandage company to an $80M company with a focus on advanced wound care, resulting in its acquisition by Integra Life Sciences. He is thrilled to have the opportunity to work with old friends on a fun, dynamic, market-creating business.

Co-Founder & COO - London, UK
Phil Andrews

Phil is an experienced medtech entrepreneur (two successful medical device exits, plus an active investment portfolio). He has broad management expertise, with specific interests in design, business development, B2B marketing & IP management. Barry and Phil have been friends for 14 years through Derma Sciences, for which Phil’s most recent business was a key vendor.

Co-Founder & GC - Oxford, UK
Lynn Wong

Lynn has skills which have been honed over 25 years, primarily within an international law firm, a global asset management firm and a leading investment bank, where she has been a managing partner, board director, chief legal officer and chief operating officer.  In addition, she has held non-executive directorships in early stage technology companies. Her breadth of experience allows us to build a robust, investable and scalable corporate infrastructure from the outset.

Co-Founder & CFO - Cambridge, UK
Toby Clark

Toby spent 18 years at Deutsche Bank in public take-overs, fund raising, IPOs and advising listed companies on corporate strategy. For 6 years headed CICC’s investment banking for Europe. More recently he has built a track record in early stage medtech alongside Phil with whom he’s been great friends with since the early 90’s.

CTO - London, UK
Mark Gibaud

A driven, passionate technologist, founder, impressive team leader & entrepreneur with over 15 years experience across web and native mobile apps. He has a solid sense of product & is capable of thinking across multiple disciplines. BSc in Information Technology, MSc in Innovation Management.

Head of Product
Adam Harwood

Adam is an emerging young talent in medtech field, with a strong interest in technology. He has a BSc in Human Biology from Bath, which underpins an exciting ability to effectively translate user needs into product experience. Adam has a track record in product design, manufacturing and  commercialisation. An effortless team player, he delivers technical and commercial support across the business.


Orthopedics Market Director
Molly Sullivan

Expert in Orthopedics Business Development

Commercial Advisor
Gabriele Brambrilla

CEO, Alira Health

Strategic Adivsor, Pharma
Sean Hudson

Currently Vice President, Digital and Global Head of Learning and Development, Pfizer.

Clinical Advocate, Woundcare
Kara Couch

Secretary AAWC. Director of In-Patient Woundcare, George Washington University Hospital.

Commercial & Scientific Advisor, Woundcare
John Harper

Senior Vice President R&D, Chief Technology Officer at MiMedx

Clinical Advocate, Neurosurgery
Anthony D’Ambrosio

Neurosurgeon, President and CEO at Neurosurgeons of New Jersey

Commercial Advisor, Orthopedics
Joseph Cucolo

Previously Executive President, Zimmer.

Commercial Advisor, Distribution
Jonathan Primer

Previously Group President at Medline, Inc.

vTail Healthcare Telecommunications Limited is a company registered with limited liability in England under registration number 12646131 and having its registered office address at 264 Banbury Road, Summertown, Oxford OX2 7DY, England, United Kingdom.