All the dental product information you need, in ways that work for you.

As a busy dental clinician, you don't always have time to meet with product reps. But, there are times you need them for information or support.  

Enter vTail, a free mobile app that connects you with your local companies and puts you in control of the conversation.

and many more...

You're in control

Connect with your local reps, on your terms

Need to speak with a company's clinical, sales or reimbursement specialist - or maybe someone regarding clinical research? No problem.  

vTail auto-matches you with your local reps from companies within your clinical specialty, so you don't need to bounce around call centers any longer. And most importantly, you’re in control: you pick which reps you want to hear from.

Easy and quick access to information

The ultimate product reference tool

With the ability to search for all the main products from all the key companies in your clinical specialty, vTail is your one-stop tool for IFUs, product specifications, reimbursement info, educational information and instructional videos.

We’re simplifying your product life

Puts you in control

No unwanted inbound calls or emails. You’ll only hear from the companies you choose to connect with.

Free for clinicians

vTail is free for clinicians. Our revenue comes from medical product companies that want to educate and support you in the use of their products.

3-minute setup

Tell us your area of expertise and location to get a curated experience, unique to you.


vTail is HIPPA-enabled, so that you can share medical documents securely as opposed to using channels like email, iMessage or WhatsApp.

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vTail allows my dentists to quickly find and obtain information from our company representatives - so the clinicians can get back to their jobs without wasted time, searching for answers or finding other staff to accomplish the task.

Trey Tepichin, JD, MBA. CEO, Cloud Dentistry, Inc.

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As a private practitioner it is so important to use technology that benefits me and my practice. The vTail app is logical, easy to use and very intuitive. Every member of my staff is glued to their mobile phones - so it is wonderful to get speedy communications from sales reps and important product information when I need it and when I want it. I believe vTail is the MUST HAVE for all dental practices in 2022.

Dr. Paul Goodman

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