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February 8, 2023

Interview with Dr Scott Drucker on vTail Dental

Learn more about Supply Clinic's partnership with vTail

Our CMO, Mike McCarthy, recently had a chance to catch up with Dr Scott Drucker, Periodontist and President of Supply Clinic, to discuss the role of Supply Clinic in the dental field.

Supply Clinic is one of the latest companies to join vTail and Dr Drucker explains why vTail was an easy choice for expanding Supply Clinic’s horizon as a brand.

Mike McCarthy: What is the typical Supply Clinic Customer like?

Dr Scott Drucker: Supply Clinic’s ideal customer is a dental practice or group/DSO that is both interested in saving the most money possible and the most time possible.

Our marketplace solution is perfect for the single office practice. It’s free to use, is as easy as an Amazon experience, and has a dedicated customer team that can help address any shopping needs of the dental practice. The customer service team also helps with line-item price comparisons, easy reordering practices and how to save with current deals and promotions. Our strict no-gray market policy keeps supply chain secure and products on the site safe.

The ProSuite procurement platform is ideal for groups of 5 or more locations. The software organizes and streamlines purchasing for all vendors across all locations. In a single cart, practices can order from any seller they have negotiated pricing with, as well as order from our marketplace. It equips the group with budgeting tools, order approvals processes, data reporting, consolidated payments to sellers, and a whole lot more.

McCarthy: Why was vTail a choice for you to expand your brand’s footprint?

Dr Drucker: vTail is keeping pace with the information that our customers need and consume. The majority of our customers are beholden to their mobile platforms–their smartphones are a nucleus of sorts in their lives. We’re excited to increase our brand voice with vTail. They understand dentistry and they understand our current and future customers –whether they be private practitioners or DSO operations.

McCarthy: What can a private practitioner benefit most from Supply Clinic?

Dr Drucker: Cost savings, hands down. The marketplace costs nothing to use, and brings tremendous pricing transparency to the individual practice.

McCarthy: What can a group dentistry practice(s) benefit most from Supply Clinic?

Dr Drucker: Tremendous time savings both for the individuals shopping and for those reconciling invoices and making payments to their vendors (accounting/finance folks). Instead of shopping from a bunch of individual companies, the office can sign in to one platform, add products from any or all of them to a single cart, and complete a single order/checkout process. The accounting or finance team can manage payment via single ledger on the ProSuite platform.

Additionally, we’ve noticed that even groups above 100 locations will shop from our marketplace. The software makes it so easy to pick up savings for items that snuck through their pricing negotiation with a relatively high price.

McCarthy: How has technology changed the buying process? Is it still just about a great deal or is there more?

Dr Drucker: So much more.

The younger generations of practitioners expects price transparency, clear ship times and tracking and an easy way to see the best price, all achieved in a marketplace. Basics of ecommerce technology include easy reordering, saving to favorites, order history features and more to make lives so much easier.

For the groups, technology has improved organization, facilitated visibility into purchasing habits, and over time massively improved those habits. Additionally, it helps prevent emergency stockouts, expensive overnight orders, and helps establish a smooth practice workflow.

It’s also important to consider that there are many variables in a negotiating a contract with a seller. It’s not just consumable products pricing -think shipping rates, shipping speed, equipment service and repair commitment etc. We’ve put together a guide and template for any groups looking to go through the process, and give that away for free. Reach out if you’d like it!

To find out more about Supply Clinic, feel free to go to their website https://www.supplyclinic.com/ and watch out for their arrival on the vTail platform.

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