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June 6, 2022

Stiehl Tech and Aero-Wrap™ Join the vTail platform

Stiehl Tech and Aero-Wrap™ join the vTail platform

We are proud to announce the two latest wound care companies joining our platform. Both of these companies were founded by surgeons. Sun Scientific, Inc., founded by a vascular surgeon, offers the Aero-Wrap™, an innovative step forward in compression therapy.

This lightweight, easy-to-apply and adjustable device is designed to make putting on and wearing compression therapy easier, more comfortable, and mobile. Find out more at aero-wrap.com. Stiehl Tech, founded by orthopedic surgeon James B Stiehl MD MBA offers the Perilav wound irrigation system.

This novel device adapts time-tested debridement methods for the outpatient setting, making it easier for nursing home staff or home health providers to treat wounds in a more comfortable patient setting. Find out more at stiehltech.com.

To find out more about how your wound care company can join the vTail platform, please contact barry@vtail.co, or visit our website – vtail.co.

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