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July 18, 2022

vTail Welcomes the WUWHS onto its Platform

vTail will help WUWHS speak to an engaged US audience

Founded in Australia in 2000, WUWHS World Union Wounds of Healing Societies is the premier wound care professional association and it represents more than 90% of all practicing wound care specialists in the world. Its members are the wound care-related associations from every part of the world, with more than 25.000 contacts.

The Association encourages a global approach to education, research and health care delivery to achieve optimal outcomes for patients with acute and chronic wounds.

The Association’s top priority is to raise and maintain the standard of the medical practice of wound care and improve its practice. “Challenges previously only experienced by some countries and societies, are now becoming a global problem, not least the issues for the skin the patients and health professionals caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Strategies in overcoming those hurdles not only need to be shared but need to live on as learning especially for the next generation of wound care professionals”, Gulnaz Tariq, President, WUWHS.

vTail welcomes the WUWHS onto its platform where we can provide one of the tools to help this global association achieve these objectives, by directly speaking to an engaged US clinical audience.

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